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Stop being so bull headed . . .


Of course no one reading this has ever been firm and righteous in their conviction about something and dead wrong at the same time….right? Keep reading and enjoy then!

Conviction can be our greatest asset and our worst enemy. As you lead your company, being convicted about a vision, mission and/or core values is an asset, as a big vision requires someone to hold the integrity of it. However, when it comes to strategy, sales, staffing, etc., it adversely impedes progress, dis-empowers staff, and ultimately impacts profits. Plummeting sales and low morale/high turnover are just a couple of glaring signs that YOU are convicted in the wrong area.

The challenge is that most leaders don’t know that they are the impediment. If they knew that, they would do something about it.

In fact, it’s often a question with no answer that keeps them stuck, but admitting that you’re stuck might mean weakness – but that’s another post for another day😊.

If you’re convicted about solutions to fix a problem in your business and are accompanied by long lasting stagnation, you’re not asking the right questions.

Get it together! And start asking better questions – like “how” can I be better as a leader, and “how” can I open my mind to foster growth.

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Lisa Thomas