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We hear all of this information about turning passion into profit, or passion into paychecks and monetizing your message…

I’ve been in business now since 1995

It wasn’t easy.

I left my corporate job after hearing my grandmother’s voice saying, “you can do whatever you wanna do, do what you love and be passionate about it.” Well, I certainly wasn’t passionate about my corporate job. I was regularly having dates with my computer.  I’d sit in one place and crunch numbers or watch a screen of phone traffic analyzing best practices for effective scheduling of staff. Gosh, bo----ring.  I wasn’t passionate about my job, I had great dislike for it. I wanted independence and to make an impact on the world at large - I’ll get to that in a minute…but ya’ know…..

It’s funny, we hear a lot about following your passion these days and even hear how people are pursuing their desire to turn their passion into a profitable business. And yet so many people are still racking their brain trying to figure out how to succeed. I was one of them, sitting in the chair daydreaming about it in corporate America.

It wasn’t until I discovered the one most important thing that I was able to soar in a sustainable profitable business. I had the passion, but no idea HOW to make it happen. I often tell people, “Don’t just jump into the abyss like I did, take a parachute…” Without a few critical tools for your toolkit, you’re bound to fail or return to a job.

There is a lot of information out there that highlight why start ups - and even some big businesses - fail. You may have heard a few.

  • Lack of Capital. I truly believe that lack of capital certainly is one of the reasons. Yet, there are countless resources to get funding if you so choose to get it whether it’s private funding or traditional funding. I’ve consulted many businesses that had funding, sought funding and still failed to produce increased profits.

  • Lack of Passion. Passion is definitely a fundamental characteristic, but passion alone with only get you so far. There are many people out there with great passion for something that still fall short of success. I have a friend who has been passionate about and for technology for years and continues to sit in wonder of how to get his ideas off the ground while others are banking profits everyday – so it isn’t passion. It lacks something deeper than that. 

  • Lack of understanding the market they serve. While I certainly agree that understanding the market is paramount, it’s only one piece of a bigger pie for success. I consulted one client who understood their market but failed to gain momentum over time to stay in business. In fact, they’d had the fortunate opportunity performed services, collecting data and developing a relationship with the same clientel/market for someone else for years. They did a superb job there. But guess what, lack of understanding the market wasn’t why they failed to succeed in their business.

The list goes on……from not understanding, value propositions, branding, purpose driven leadership, proper management and on and on . . . these can impede growth for sure. If only they had that one secret thing could they’ve prevented failure.

So, I went to the same corporation where I sat dating my computer. But this time, as a business owner and leader of a great company. My photo was plastered on the walls - in the very place where I’d only had a simple desk hidden among many others. Who knew I would’ve been the center of attention, where I once was only known by my signature on a document sent describing my creative schedule idea or a new manual I wrote.

I’ve been blessed to work with  non-profit organizations, C-Suite Executives from American Express, AVON, Curves For Women, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Politicians, and successful Business owners managing multimillion dollar enterprises.

I appeared on NPR, NBC, FOX TV and various radio stations.

I published an online magazine and co-hosted an internet radio show, all inspiring women to take the leap and live their best life rather than the one handed them.

I have made my mark and taken P3 to places like Netherlands, Zambia, Italy, Canada and, of course, the US.

We have had a team of people dedicated to the vision and the mission. They have had the passion, and commitment to our great cause………but still we struggled financially.

When I embodied this one thing and mastered it, then I was able to make the money to sustain the lifestyle I wanted to have.

I now call it my secret weapon to making power moves and making more money. I am always only in competition with myself, so when I want to level up, I take on this one thing.

As a client of P3, I have quadrupled my income and transformed my old job to my dream career. When I first started my journey, I was working for a nonprofit at a school, making about $32,000/yr. During the initial phase, Lisa worked with my fundamental limiting beliefs about making money and value proposition and growth.

She helped me launch my educational consulting business and I am now generating a six-figure income. I am confident the sky is the limit now for what I can earn after creating a profitable business that makes a difference in the education system…
— R. Silver, New Business Owner, The Whole Educator

The secret weapon will aid in any roadblock you encounter as well in business. I remember spearheading events in 2 cities a month, served with full course meals and a power-packed transformative workshop for $15 of which I facilitated . . . I was appearing on TV, radio, speaking, writing articles and all of this stuff - And I was frustrated that people weren’t taking advantage of the additional services. Then it hit me that I needed a way to build a model that would feed my passion and not only sustain the company, but create the lifestyle that I wanted for myself . . .

I was able to take the company into a 6 figure business and position it to be a 7 figure business with this ONE secret weapon . . .

During the webclass, before I tell you the most impactful secret weapon, listen to me closely - I’m going to give you ALL 4 OF MY SECRETS that have been the catalyst for success for me and my clients during the Power, Passion & Profit Webclass!