The P3 Group, Inc.
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The P3 Vision:

Purposeful women leading profitable businesses for a better performing world

These purposeful women LEAP!  They stretch themselves and challenge norms…

We, at the P3 Group, Inc., serve as strategic advisors aka P3 Strategists to embolden leaders to take the LEAP where profits soar and lives flourish.

The P3 Mission:

To embolden 100 impassioned leaders to increase their business performance and profitability by 2021.

Are You Ready To LEAP?

What is LEAP? LEAP is a business development program consulted and directed by a P3 Business Strategist. As a participating business leader you will be guided to increase performance and profitability! Through customized strategic solutions and in partnership with our pool of experts in the areas of business development, you will innately LEAP!

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LEAD – 30,000 feet leading from the vision of a company is where sustainability is accessed, and scalability is discovered.  Having a bold vision, finding skilled talent and pursuing goals can bring about so many different responsibilities. It is difficult to remain focused “on the business” when you’re working in “in the business” and striving to increase performance and profitability. We employ strategies to set the stage for leading like an eagle, from 30,000 feet!

EXPAND – During our one on one sessions, we work with you to redesign processes and systems that promote expansion. Our weekly strategy sessions offer analysis of financials, operational processes and sales. We embolden you to and direct company goals as well as identify missing resources. Our unique way to train, develop, and strengthen your approach maximizes results and increases profits.

ADAPT – Over time, we guide you into a state of adaptation. We incorporate specialized P3 Life Skills training to shift perspective relative to business practices that have been impeding growth. During this process, we continue to develop and educate in critical areas of performance.

PERFORM - Our complete boutique of experts and strategists champion a transformative experience that activates an instinctive change in the way you view leadership.  You begin to unconsciously lead, transfer the vision, and empower employees to perform!

Sustainability is maintained, and scalability begins!

Our Focus Areas

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Leadership Development

  • Cash flow

  • Tax implications

  • Access to Capital

  • Recruitment

  • Success Strategy

  • Strategy Planning

  • Financial Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Accounting

  • Organizational Development


... and most importantly, remaining passionate about the vision/business

Are you ready to LEAP into greater profits?

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Bossy Chicks running service based businesses... LEAP is for YOU!

Bossy Chicks challenged by life AND running a business... LEAP is for YOU!

As a result of working with The P3 Group, Inc, small business enterprise leaders confront the real challenges of growing their business. Our latest client has billed and bid more in their first quarter than they have in the last 5 years. With our gentle hand, they were able to create a strategic plan and view business differently, along with employing focus and discipline. They’ve created a growing company, with increased revenue, of at least 25 to 35% each year.  We are pleased to be a part of their notable sustainability that is consistent with their succession plan. 

We would love to support and partner with you to build the company you desire, as well. If you’re frustrated with the missing links and why you’re not succeeding, allow our sounding board of experts, who have a proven track record, to step in. Simply contact us and we’ll begin assessing where there might be inefficiencies that suffocate your profits, and begin to create a successful strategic plan with you.


Let’s LEAP!!