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Be intentional. Be deliberate. Be on purpose.

Today, I felt like my creativity hit a wall. So many thoughts running wild, I couldn’t seem to catch one to formulate a to-do list. Overwhelm started to kick in and panic was moments away, so I paused and looked out into the distance, recounting the reason, the why, I started The P3 Group, Inc.  to begin with. Then something seemingly magical happened. I found my spot, my source of energy, and focus for the day. The 4 things to be accomplished settled into my project management system and I was on fire. But how did that happen? 

Every business owner I’ve consulted has, at some point, if not multiple times, fallen in the trap of overwhelm with the weight of running a company on their shoulders. The trap can be paralyzing, or at the very least send your thoughts on a road of horrible judgement about your performance. I find that I have agency over those moments when I stop, breathe, and redirect my attention to the bigger picture.  

I’m reminded that the world is waiting, and only I can chart the path and make the impact given to me to do.  

Now, that idea excites me!  

So, it’s not magical, it’s intentional. It’s deliberate and on purpose.  

Vision and Purpose set the tone. 

What’s your vision? 

Why are in you in business to begin with? 

Lisa Thomas