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Yes, knowledge is power, but the power is not information.


Most of the time, it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that stifles profits.

One time, I had a client who refuse to use subcontractors. Substantial recorded data proved others in the industry had done it in the past, but he was convinced his company was different. He was adamant that he couldn’t use them.

It wasn’t until we coached and consulted with him that he saw things through a different lens. Only then was he able to see and find ways to leverage additional talent through subcontractors and increase revenue.

Such a great example of how knowing more does not make you wise.

My client knew industry data reported that using subcontractors worked, but it didn’t make him wise enough to be able apply it in his business.

“Many “know” but few will rise past their own noise to achieve.”

This has been the greatest lesson for me, and has also been the catalyst for increased revenue and profits in business. It’s also why I teach methods on how to go past what you know to achieve success. You won’t ever know certain things unless someone is willing to tell you. And trust me, some would love to but they don’t have teaching as a skill set, and others just aren’t going to tell you because I mean ….. they’re simply too busy achieving more. 

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Lisa Thomas