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How is Stinking Thinking Stealing Your Time?


My girlfriend often complains about all she has going on and how she never has time to unwind and have moments for herself.

She owns and operates a successful business, and has a family and friends who are constantly pulling on her time.

Finally one day, we stopped and began to do some self-examination.

While she definitely has a full life, time is what you make it.

I love the quote in the Matrix: How can you ever have time, if you don’t take time?

We discovered a couple of things:

Some of her time is being spent on matters less important in the grand scheme of her goals – delaying a decision, questioning her competency and ability.

Some of her time is being spent “thinking” about what needs to be done rather than doing it – overthinking the thing that needs to be done by trying to get more information.

Some of her time time is being spent avoiding what needs to be done – by checking out; i.e. watching tv, having a glass of wine, complaining that there isn’t enough time.

Talk about stinking thinking. You’ll never succeed with this kind of time management practice.




Lisa Thomas