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Innovation Plus Strategy Leads to Success

As a business strategist, it is often my job to identify challenges that separate current results from the desired goals. Many clients find themselves evaluating a decline in profit margins, difficulty with employee recruitment and retention or simply hit a wall in growth. After a few failed attempts, they seek an expert to support efforts of exponential growth.

For a full evaluation of the organization, we focus on a few areas first. 

Vision and Mission – Purpose-driven companies are seeing increased profits due to heightened performance of their team. We evaluate the company's vision as a measure of effectiveness within the staff.

Recruitment – A recruitment and interview process that is strategically directed for inquiries of candidates who are most qualified for the position AND find purpose in the opportunity increases performance and profitability. 

The recruitment assessment for our clients is designed to develop a sustainable process that leads to candidates who align with their vision and mission.

Leadership – Leaders who lead the company with vision in the forefront tend to score amongst the most valued, respected and effective of leaders.

Our programs find areas of improvement to better cultivate each leader to foster effective transference of the vision internally and publicly.

Financial solvency – A company who can meet it’s fixed long term expenses and is well prepared for longevity in the marketplace.

We conduct an analysis to find a clear understanding of the company’s overall current state and future growth, financially.

Succession planning – Company leaders and stakeholders find security in a business valuation and knowing the company value. They are better able to leverage their position in the marketplace for mergers, acquisitions, and opportunities to sell.

Other areas to see immediate increases profits.

Sales – Sales are the bread and butter of any business. Our first areas of impact lie in sales. The overall objective is to increase sales by 3 to 5% depending on the business.

Expenses – Expenses tend to be heavier than necessary in most business models. We focus in this area to decrease expenses through innovative and creative ways. 

These are just a few areas in which we work with our clients. The long list also includes management, marketing, sales, operations, etc. We’re proud of the clients who take on new innovative strategies to build a more manageable and sustainable company. No matter who becomes your business strategist, the value lies in the depth of the research in all of these areas. Each area provides a unique detailed landscape that will position your company for exponential results.

What’s your strategy for long-term success?

We want to hear from you.

Lisa Thomas is the CEO of The P3 Group, Inc. and The P3 Group International, LLC, publisher of The P3 Power Boost Online Magazine, host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show, and President of the Board of Directors of NetWorth. She is a 20-year veteran in the business, executive leadership and performance coaching/consulting. She has worked extensively with corporate call centers, executives and small business enterprises. She’s been a featured columnist and business strategist on Affiliate NPR, WFDD, The Cary News, Fox 8 and numerous NBC affiliate stations.

Lisa is best known for her business and leadership acumen and is widely recognized her ability to develop leaders to be more effective. Lisa is also a sought-after keynote speaker on various topics women in leadership face. She generously donates her time and expertise to a number of organizations and worthy causes, including NetWorth, the Business Succession Forum Network, and the Hazel B. Neal Foundation, for which she recently was recognized with the woman of Power, Purpose and Vision award. In her downtime, she can be found practicing yoga, cycling, swimming, reading a good book or spending time with family and friends.

Lisa Thomas