The P3 Group, Inc.

About Us


Our Vision & Mission

The P3 Group, Inc is a revolutionary business consulting, and training and development firm. We provide innovative and transformative business coaching, consulting and management services to include organizational development training solutions. Our vision is: Purposeful people leading profitable businesses for a better performing world.

Our vision is Purposeful women leading profitable businesses for a better performing world

Our Mission: is to embolden 100 impassioned leaders to increase performance and profitability by 2021

  • What makes us revolutionary? We take the staff and leaders through extensive developmental training over time that ultimately invokes change, creates new paradigms/perspective, educates, and builds upon the strengths each person and/or team exhibits.

  • We begin with Vision -> create a shift in thinking ->direct focus -> create strategies -> processes and systems -> and promote accountability for execution!

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism

  • Genuine

  • Caring Interest

  • Trust

  • Excellence

  • Transparency

  • Integrity

  • Collaborative Engagement

The P3 Culture

We exist to listen, connect, discover and collaborate with our clients to create a purposeful, personal and professional blueprint for their personal and professional endeavors.

  • We operate as a collective to bring the BEST solutions to our clients.

  • We SURRENDER our judgment and open our mind to new behavior patterns for ourselves to bring about change for those whom we encounter.

  • We COMMIT to endless personal and professional development for ourselves with the aim to be better consultants, coaches and facilitators.

  • We support, promote and engage in worthy causes to make lasting CHANGE within our community.

  • We live our lives consistent with our CORE VALUES and strive for excellence in all that we do.

  • We honor, celebrate and reward all SUCCESS.

  • We FORGE ahead with Power, Passion and Purpose as our foundation! We are P3!

P3 Competencies

We have extensive experience in organizational development, management consulting, strategic planning and leadership development. Whether you are focused on identifying the concept of strategy, identifying a vision or other key strategies for growing your business, let us leverage our expert knowledge for your firm.

We provide strategic planning for multi-business firms seeking tailor-made consulting with proven results in sustainability, competitive advantage and profitability.

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