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Women’s Power Hour Series

Women all over the world are regaining their sense of purpose, reinventing themselves and taking even greater charge of their lives. And they are doing so through the Stepping Into Your Power Audio!

This interactive and dynamic audio focuses on what it means as a woman to step into your power, find balance and connect to your center. You will learn how to access the power within and attract the relationships you desire by aligning your core values with your everyday life.

Learn how to:

  • Access the power within.
  • Align core values with everyday living.
  • Attract the relationships of your desires.
  • Discover how opening your heart can lead to your power.
  • Find balance within your center during difficult times.

Get Ready to STEP into all of who you are and discover just how natural your desires come to you!

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Led by three dynamic women, Lisa Thomas, Visionary for Women, Patricia Varley, International Speaker and Brenda Michaels, Radio Show Host and National Speaker.


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