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6 Steps to Discovering a Better You

6 Steps to Discovering a Better You

Have you ever experienced a rough day where things didn’t go quite the way you planned and it was a total disaster?

You wonder what you may have done to deserve such awful treatment or such a crappy experience. You may even begin to entertain the question “why is this happening to me or why am I here having to deal with this?”

These are the kind of questions you might ask yourself when life throws you a curve ball, right? The answers can be powerful answers if you have powerful questions, so it’s imperative that you ask the right questions.

The real question is what’s your purpose for being in the situation?

An even more powerful question is what’s your vision and purpose for life in general. Within the answers to these questions, you’ll discover freedom and choice when facing any situation rather than obligation and suffering through it.

So this sounds easy enough, right? I’ve had some of my clients say “yes, it’s simple maybe, but easy, not so much.”

Let’s take the case that you are stuck wondering ”why”. To give you access to a more powerful place, we’re going to call your “why” – vision and purpose.

Here’s a 6 part exercise that will show you exactly how to figure out your “why” or better said your purpose and vision.

First Step:

Be Still – Literally be still. Find a sacred space of solitude and serenity where you experience a sense of peace and take a chill pill, relax, take a load off and become motionless. You should sit so you can focus. It could be a spot out in nature or in a quiet room in your home or office.

Second Step:

Listen to your inner voice: Your inner voice is the voice of your essence, your spirit. It is the purest part of you. The following questions can be used to activate your inner voice.

What does my heart long for?

What’s truly important to me?

What dreams have I given up on?

What am I truly passionate about?

What am I engaged in when I lose track of time?

Third Step:

Journal your responses. Once you’ve taken yourself away from the space of solitude and serenity, write down your responses to the questions in the second step.

Fourth Step:

Repeat the process. Give yourself five days to repeat the process. Remember to do the above mentioned steps exactly as they are outlined. Do not deviate from the process.

Fifth Step:

Pay attention to common themes. As you journal your responses, you’ll find common themes and glaring interests.

Sixth Step:

Create a vision statement. Review your journal of five entries and create a vision statement. Your vision statement is a compilation of your journal in one or two lines. Within the vision statement is also your purpose. You’ll notice it as you read it over and over.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, you’re ready to tackle any situation life throws at you. Your vision  statement will now act as a foundation for decision making. Quite simply, it is your integrity meter.

Whenever you’re face with the question “why”, simply check your vision statement and see how life begins to unfold.

Have fun with the exercise and allow life to take you exactly where you’re suppose to be.

Lisa Thomas is a Expert Success and Leadership  Coach, Visionary for Women and Inspirational Speaker. Featured on NBC’s My Carolina Today, NBC’s Charlotte Today, NPR Affiliate WFDD, Dr. Pat Show, Conscious Talk Radio, World Puja Network and Fox 8 News.

Please contact her at 910 221 9294 or 704 909 7663 complete the online contact form below.

Feel free to contact her directly for your P3 Power Session where you will begin the journey of discovery. It will be the best 60 minutes of your life. Remember, power, purpose and vision begins within the spirit of who you are.

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