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Wealth Advisors & Financial Planners

The P3 Group, Inc. is a revolutionary training and development company. We provide innovative consulting, transformative business coaching, and strategic planning services to help you grow your wealth advisory business.

There’s a difference between a coach and a consultant and most small business owners need both.

It’s optimal if you can find the quality in one individual or a firm.

Coaching lends itself to focusing on what you want, what’s already inside of you and what motivates you in an organized process to hold you accountable to having what you want.

Consulting offers systems, processes, strategies and a partnership to execute what needs to be done.

Our focus is to maximize growth through training in leadership, management consulting, business coaching, organizational development and strategic planning for financial/wealth advisors.

Business woman in office

The P3 Group’s expert coaches and consultants prides themselves on helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

We improve performance through accountability and strategic planning. We aid on aligning people, processes and technology with their strategic vision and goals.

We transform the way they do business to drive innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve controls. We aim for sustainable change to take the operation to the next level and enhance your competitive advantage.

Woman executive coaching a male employee Business Coaching and Consulting

We provide business owners with an innovative approach to rapidly grow their companies. We combine cutting-edge coaching principles with proven marketing strategies, effective management training and strategic planing that drive results.

Sales Process Sales and Marketing Consulting

Our team will analyze the current sales process and identify areas of improvement that increases your bottom line. We will focus on strategies that expands the client base by increasing the number of qualified prospects that convert into paying clients.

Performance Analysis and Improvement

We provide a thorough analysis of our client’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Afterwards, we implement an ongoing assessment of business performance and identify areas for improvement.

Management Consulting and Training

Our management experts will use today’s best practices for managing fast growing companies. We understand that the success or failure of any organization is a function of its management team.

strategic-planning-image-1-r200-tn Strategic Planning and Development

We manage the process of defining the company’s strategy, or direction. We partner to drive decisions for allocating resources to execute the strategy through our innovative process.

Composite image of thinking businesswoman Customized Training Solutions

The P3 Group employs industry leaders. With more than 60 years’ combined experience, our strategist, consultants, facilitators, project managers and trainers assess, design and execute specialized programs to transform your organization.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss our solutions and how we can transform your organization. Contact us today at 910 221 9294 or use our online contact form.

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