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Power, Purpose and Performance

Here’s An Inside Scoop About Our Program…

This collaborative collective of savants for life got together for a pre-program call – take a listen as we embark on “why” we are on this journey together.

Click on the player below – You might just find yourself in the thoughts they share.



When you find yourself in that place when you can’t trust yourself to produce results anymore coupled with a hot flash, foggy thoughts and fatigue, you’ve got a recipe for feeling you’re going through a mid-life crisis or going CRAZY!

We continued our dialogue last night..

(the segment is done in two parts, to break for one participants mid life opportunity!  Seriously, there’s a break for another reason – tune in.)

Be sure to call us for an interview to be a part of collaborative collective.



“The fastest way to the top is together.” Lisa Thomas, CEO

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