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P3 Complimentary Coaching Session for Woman

Are you a Overworked,


or Out of Balance

Professional, Executive

Business Woman?


If you are answering with a BIG RESOUNDING



Then let me HELP You Unlock The Door to YOUR ability to:

Reduce Stress
Eliminate Bad Habits
Make More Money
Increase Productivity
Elevate Your Happy Meter
Create a Sense of Freedom
Discovering more of who you are
And Bringing more balance to life


Hi, my name is Lisa Thomas and I’ve helped 1000’s of women discover their innate ability to produce results they’ve only dreamed about.

I’m the president and CEO of The P3 Group, expert success and leadership coach and visionary for women. I’ve grown the company from a small start up providing community workshops to customized seminars and programs, business and personal development coaching, soft skills training, public conferences, speaking engagements, an online publication and an internet radio show.

Many clients find that through my customized coaching program, they discover the innate ability to:

Make more money
Eliminate Self Sabotaging Habits
Spend more time taking care of themselves
Find a sense of PEACE
Take control of life in any given situation
Be more effective in every action they take.
Do more of the things that truly inspire them!
Tap into their true self worth!
Discover life is EASY and a SMOOTH Joyful Ride
Have relationships that are full of excitement and bliss.

“When I think of where I was when I started on the P3 program with you last year, all I remember is a sense of utter despair, panic and exhaustion.  Wow, has that changed (see change IS my theme)! In our sessions together, I’ve learned so much about myself and the woman that I am and all that I will become.


I’m convinced that last year should be labeled, Ruth’s Year of Change.  Wow!  Who would have thought that I’d go from losing my job of seventeen years to starting my own creative company and successfully moving it forward far enough in a year to write a speech for a past President of the United States? I remember my first P3 Power Session with Lisa Thomas, it was like a new day for me… “Hope” for a new life in just 60 mins….Thanks to P3 and Expert Success and Leadership coach Lisa Thomas.” R Moyte, CA

 Here’s your opportunity
to experience hope, increased productivity, a reduction in your stress level and an elevated happy meter.

Take full advantage of our P3 Power Coaching session where women like you are making history, living passionate lives, discovering their self worth, making more money, finding their sweet spot of happiness in life and blowing the doors off where they’ve been limited!!!

Click here to request a complimentary P3 Personal, Leadership or Business Assessment Power Session

I’ll personally work with you to bring things full circle again!

 You can expect me to:

  • Help you speak clearly what you want and get it.

  • Pull things out of you that you didn’t know existed

  • Be a sounding board

  • Be a trusted confidant

  • Inspire you into action

  • Have every interaction be “natural” and with ease

  • Provide a “Structured Support System”

  • Provide a safe environment to be vulnerable with grace and power

  • Be gentle yet effective

“One of the best baby step investments that I have made in me was in accepting the invitation to be coached by Lisa Thomas after the sudden passing of my mother.  She offered me a complimentary session that has transitioned into Vision and Goal Identification and Implementation. Lisa is helping me to unclutter my mind and catapult into my most dynamic self…..Alishah Kier, Atlanta GA


In the first 20 minutes, you’ll clearly uncover the reasons you may be overworked, overwhelm or out of balanced. Within seconds after, you’ll have a solution to finding peace, balance and see a few actions you can take immediately to produce results.


Click to find a solution to bring balance and take action!!!

“Lisa gave me a homework assignment to re-think my vision and fine tune it. Let me tell you, it was a powerful experience for me to visualize where I would like to see myself, but also to understand that I was the only one holding me back from getting there. After I mustered my courage, I then began to speak my vision. .


Before speaking with Lisa, I had only had one pitiful job interview. After working out my vision and speaking with her again to develop an Action Plan for obtaining my stated goals, I began to apply for jobs I hadn’t even considered myself worthy of before. I have been on several major interviews and now investigating which ones are right for me. THANKS LISA! I couldn’t have done it without you. You are a GOD SEND.” Lauren Atwell.

 Within 45 minutes, you’ll have a clear picture of how you can make more money, bring balance to every area of life, reduce your stress and increase your happy meter.


You’ll also discover what really drives you to produce results.

 Take advantage of the P3 Personal, Leadership or Business Assessment  Power Session and contact us  immediately!

“Last year, our company reached over 2.5 million dollars in gross sales and we owe a lot of our success to the training and coaching of The P3 Group, Inc.

What I find unique about The P3 Group is their ability to shine a bright light on one’s strengths, thereby opening up energy to enhance growth in other areas.”..C. Schwoerke., Business Owner

Click here to take advantage of the P3 Personal,  Leadership  or Business Assessment Session!


I look forward to working with you!!!

To your success and remember “the power lives within you and it’s always been there.”


Lisa Thomas
The P3 Group, Inc

704 909 7663

Lisa Thomas is the founder and President of The P3 Group,Inc; a training and development company.  As a Expert Success and Leadership Coach and Visionary for Women, Lisa has been featured on NBC, and Fox 8 News. She appears on various radio programs; World Puja Network, Dr. Pat Show, Conscious Talk Radio and NPR affiliate stations around the world.

Lisa’s business acumen has propelled the The P3 Group to grow from community workshops to  business and success development coaching, customized workshops, specialized softskills training, an online women’s magazine, internet radio show and speaking engagements. And The P3 Connection to be a resource for women collaborating all over the world. Lisa is best known for her success, leadership and business coaching where she has an amazing ability to lead women to uncover the power within. Women discover their power and live life with purpose and soon develop their ability to produce unprecedented results. Through her initiatives women are making history and impacting their communities at large.


Throughout her career, Lisa has been sought as a professional and civic speaker and has collaborated with both the public and private sectors in leadership, business and personal development and relationship initiatives.  Her expertise is sought by both corporate and non-profit organization’s staff  and  includes American Express Travel Related Services, Gainesville Hall Community Service Center, North Carolina A&T State University, Wake Forest University, Curves For Women, Zeta Phi Beta Chapter, Gilead Sciences, Prudential Realtors, North Carolina Minority Support Center and  Women in Action.  Lisa has inspired and helped grow many businesses, projects and services over the past 20 years.


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