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P3 Vision & Life Support Coaching For Women Program

P3 Vision & Life Support Coaching For Women Program


As women we are often caught up in day to day activities. While successful in our own right we need that extra push to stay focused on our own desired goals.

Working with you one-on-one, our Vision & Life Coaches help you gain clarity, remove self-imposed emotional strong holds, access your inner wisdom, and find a sense of direction.

Our Program for Executive and Business Women offers you vision for your life and career along with clearly defined steps to achieve your goals. It is a unique program for the executive and business woman because it begins with your vision and purpose in mind.

Women are facing many unique challenges as business owners and executives and they bring to life unique concerns including but not limited to:

  • Balancing demanding executive roles with family caregiver roles (caring for children, aging parents, partners, spouses, etc).
  • Being an effective leader in the midst of social, economic and psychological changes in their lives.
  • Freely and intimately sharing their concerns about life and producing results while maintaining confidence.
  • Bringing their most effective talents and skills as women and recognizing them as assets at work as they continue to define themselves.

All based in The P3 Circles of Life – The Spiritual Self, The Emotional Self and The Physical Self, the P3 Woman To Woman Coaching for Executives and Business Owners program will guide women to:

  • Create a clear personal and career vision and purpose.
  • Create personal and career goals that fulfill their vision.
  • Develop strategies for increasing their impact on business results and performance.
  • Build strong relationships with employees, business partners and leaders that can be leveraged to meet and exceed business goals
  • Sharpen their communication, personal and presentation skills.

Lisa Thomas Your coach – Lisa Thomas – a 20 year veteran is not just another ordinary coach or jaded friend, but one listening keenly for your goals and what you want to accomplish.

You will be heard and guided in the direction you most desire.

You can expect Lisa to:

  • Help you speak what you want and have it.
  • Pull things out of you that you didn’t know existed
  • Be a sounding board
  • Be a trusted confidant
  • Inspire you into action
  • Have every interaction be “natural” and with ease
  • Provide a structured Support System
  • Provide a safe environment to be vulnerable with grace and power
  • Be gentle yet effective

Lisa is well versed in business and life challenges. She has an ability to provide lazer like coaching to move you beyond your current limitations and achieve your goals. You will also find that you have deeper more meaningful relationships and live a life of integrity and truth. You may have seen her on WCNC’s Charlotte Today or Fox 8 or heard her on the Dr. Pat Show, Conscious Talk, No out there or even her own P3 Power Boost Radio Show.

Here’s what Lisa’s Clients say:

“I have a better relationship with my business partner. Last year, our company reached over 2.5 million dollars in gross sales and we owe a lot of our success to her training and coaching. What I find unique about Lisa’s Coaching is her ability to shine a bright light on one’s strengths, thereby opening up energy to enhance growth in other areas”. Colleen Schwoerke, Business Owner, NC

“Lisa Thomas offers a unique approach to having people take responsibility in the success of their own lives as staff members individually, as a team and as leaders. She goes go straight to the heart of each person’s issue along with team issues. This approach gave my team the gentle push to choose their path. As a result, our team is more productive and we have a more friendly vision driven team”. Paula McCoy, President, NC.

“Don’t know if you know or not Lisa, but I participated in your session back in 2004 while visiting a friend in Greensboro. I was immediately struck by your ability to move women so quickly, and your strong confidence in yourself and your Mission. That experience was instrumental in my becoming a coach myself! You are a true example of success and you’ve had everything to do with mine” . Mickie Zada, Coach and Radio show host, IL.


  • Increased productivity.
  • Greater effectiveness as a leader in life and at work.
  • Increased effectiveness in communicating with peers, subordinates and management.
  • A sense of balance with work and personal life.
  • Expand your confidence
  • Identify the patterns of listening, speaking and reacting that stop you from having everything you want
  • Develop new, effective ways of communicating
  • Design a plan of action to reach all your goals
  • See the opportunity to bring Power, Passion & Purpose in every area of your life

In the program, you will have to confront:

  • Your “inauthentic” self
  • Areas where you’ve cheated and sabotaged yourself and your life
  • Truth about your internal dialogue

You will be trained in the following:

  • Creating your vision daily
  • Attracting the people whom will support your vision
  • Accessing your truest self in difficult situations
  • Building support teams to align with you and your efforts
  • Determining the obstacles and self imposed limitations that hinder your success.

s168003a.jpg Your P3 Vision & Life Support Coach helps you reconstruct and retrain your thought process.

You find a sense of control and have power to make choices consistent with your vision and purpose.

You begin taking actions and participating in activities that are more in alignment with who you are.

Your P3 Vision and Life Support Coach helps penetrate the core of who you truly are so that you begin to express your truest self in the world.

As time progresses, you will:

  • Discover your truest most authentic self
  • Daily live in your destiny and divine purpose
  • Define new actions steps and plans to continue fulfilling on your vision
  • Create a unique system for maintaining your vision and purpose.
  • Be pleasantly surprised by your results!

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to reach your desired goals and fulfill your vision!

Contact us today to schedule your initial session!

Call us directly at 704 909 7663 or 910 221 9294 or click here to use our online contact form .

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