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Executive Training & Coaching Programs

Executive Training & Coaching Programs

Our 6-month P3 Woman To Woman Coaching for Executives Program offers you vision for your career along with clearly defined steps to take to achieve your goals. It is a unique program from all executives because it begins with your vision and purpose in mind.

Women are facing many unique challenges as executives and they bring to the workplace unique concerns including but not limited to:

  • Balancing demanding executive roles with family caregiver roles (caring for children, aging parents).
  • Being an effective leader in the midst of social, economic and psychological changes in their lives.
  • Confidently sharing their greater talents and skills within a male-dominated corporate world.
  • Bringing their most effective talents and skills as women and recognizing them as assets at work as they continue to define themselves.

All based in the The P3 Circles of Life – The Spiritual Self, The Emotional Self and The Physical Self, the P3 Woman To Woman Coaching for Executives program will guide women to:

  • Create a clear personal career vision and purpose.
  • Create personal and career goals that fulfill their vision.
  • Develop strategies for increasing their impact on business results and performance.
  • Build strong relationships with employees, business partners and leaders that can be leveraged to meet and exceed business goals
  • Sharpen their communication, personal and presentation skills.
  • Create a network and support system that fosters personal and career goals.


  • Increased productivity.
  • Greater effectiveness as a leader.
  • Increased effectiveness in communicating with peers, subordinates and senior management.
  • A sense of balance with work and personal life.
  • Opportunities to expand and learn from the experiences of other corporate professionals.

In the program, you will have to confront:

  • Your “inauthentic” self
  • Areas where you’ve cheated yourself
  • Truth about your internal dialogue

You will be trained in the following:

  • Creating your vision daily
  • Attracting the people whom will support your vision
  • Accessing your truest self in difficult situations
  • Building support teams to align with you and your efforts
  • Determining the obstacles and self imposed limitations that hinder your success.

At the end, you will have access:

  • The your truest most authentic self
  • Your divine purpose
  • Actions steps and plans to take to continue fulfilling on your vision
  • A system for maintaining your vision and purpose.

Our P3 Woman To Woman Coaching Program for Executives cost ranges from $1,200 – $1,500 per month.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to reach your desired goals and fulfill your vision!

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