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P3 Business Boost Coaching Program

Are you overworked, overwhelmed
or underpaid?

You have come to the right place!

Watch this 90-minute video about 7 marketing strategies for growing your business!


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The P3 Group, Inc
Lisa Thomas, Business and Leadership Coach


The P3 Business Boost Coaching Program!

Where Strategy Produces Results!

Are you an Overworked, Overwhelmed or Underpaid Business Owner who wants clarity, focus and strategy to succeed?

Then let me HELP You Unlock the SAFE To An Endless Pool of Clients!

Registration is Limited to 10 People. Click here to register today!


Hi, my name is Lisa Thomas and I’ve helped 1000’s of women discover their innate ability to produce results they’ve only dreamed about. I’m the president and CEO of The P3 Group, Expert Success and Leadership Coach and Visionary For Women. I’ve grown the company from a small start up providing community workshops to customized seminars and programs, business and personal development coaching, soft skills training, public conferences, speaking engagements, an online publication and an internet radio show.

The video you just watched above are some of the many strategies that I will teach you in the P3 Business Boost Coaching Program.  The strategies are those that I’ve used to successfully have events across North Carolina. With these strategies in place I’ve had a practice of coaching clients and consulting opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. This is your opportunity to learned them first hand and get an up close and personal experience of what it takes to succeed. My style is to produce and then teach. So come and learned with other business owners like you who are hungry for success!

Many business clients find that through my customized coaching program, they discover the innate ability to:

  • Make More Money
  • Discover Multiple Streams of Income
  • Own Their Worth
  • Find Their Rhythm in Making Things Happen
  • Have More Focus and Direction.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“I have a better relationship with my business partner. Last year, our company reached over 2.5 million dollars in gross sales and we owe a lot of our success to her training and coaching. What I find unique about Lisa’s Coaching is her ability to shine a bright light on one’s strengths, thereby opening up energy to enhance growth in other areas”. C Schwoerke, Business Owner, NC

“Lisa Thomas offers a unique approach to having people take responsibility in the success of their own lives as staff members individually, as a team and as leaders. She goes go straight to the heart of each person’s issue along with team issues. This approach gave my team the gentle push to choose their path. As a result, our team is more productive and we have a more friendly vision driven team”. P. McCoy, President, NC.

Thank you so much for being my coach and taking me to places I only dreamed about. We had an amazing retreat and helped women let go of a lot of baggage. They identified themselves in our herd of horses. I feel the energy, the unstoppable energy that is!..H. Wilkerson, Therapist

The P3 Business Boost Coaching Program will educate you in new ways of operating your business marketing plan.

Most business owners find that they are trying really hard in their business. They are working long hours, making contacts and seemingly doing the right things, but the results are not reflective in their bottom line!

Don’t keep bumping your head against the wall!

Expect to have a better understanding of how to:

  • Market your services and products for less.
  • Focus on proven strategies that produce results.
  • Improve your close rate and getting sales.
  • Increase your bottom line.
  • Reduce stress about your ability to succeed.
  • Increase your productivity.

Let me teach you these easy proven ways to make your business a success!!

During the 6 Month P3 Business Boost Coaching Program, you will learn how to implement 7 Key Marketing Strategies that will yield you unexpected results:

  • How to find your “Ideal Client”.
  • What to say to build authentic relationships and where to find them.
  • How to find 4 or 5 serious strategic partners and never have to find another new client again.
  • How to have a successful promotional event with your ideal client in attendance.
  • How to find the perfect Business Networking Group that will yield valuable clients.
  • How to market your business through email campaigns, e-zines and newsletters.
  • How to build a list of your ideal clients.
  • What conversations to have to invite them into your strategic partnership family.
  • How to extend an invitation to your promotional events and never have to worry if participants will show.
  • A road map for creating a following so that promoting to a massive group of people will become effortless.
  • and so much more.


Dates Beginning: Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 12noon – 1:30pm to continue weekly until April 26th, 2012

1 LIVE SESSION each month with me, Expert Business, Success and Leadership Coach

Live Session Location: TBD By Group – Fayetteville, NC

3 TELECONFERENCE CALLS each month with me and a few special guest. All you need to participate is a phone(No software or internet required.)

        A RECORDING of the calls as a digital MP3, so you can download it and recapture the details to implement for years to come.


Click here to register today!


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