With the New Year approaching many are thinking of making changes and creating new goals. It may not come as a surprise that according to any and all research losing weight is the number one goal. According to a study by the University of Scranton, School of Psychology, getting organized and spending less and saving more were no. 2 and 3 respectively.

In our festive mood of celebrating such a wondrous holiday like Christmas followed by our goodbye’s and hellos during the new year’s eve/new year’s day gala, we say without in depth thought or planning that we want to lose weight. And then we are mystified when March rolls around and we’re still the same size.

The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association reports that 8% are successful in reaching their goal that they made at the beginning of the year and 49% had infrequent success. The cost of not succeeding is not only monetary but emotional. One may find themselves feeling like a failure in a couple of areas. 1. You didn’t lose the weight. 2. The spend less goal just went out the window in a bucket full of cash you spent on the membership.

Just setting the goal may not get you where you want to be. I believe vision with strategic action trumps a goal any day and produces results. It is often said that doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. You must change this up if you want different results.

Here are few steps to discovering your vision and igniting your true passion for 2015.

Step 1 – Be Still Literally be still. Find a space of solitude and serenity where you experience a sense of peace, take a load off and become motionless. You should sit so you can focus.

Step 2 – Listen to your inner voice

Your inner voice is the voice of your essence, your spirit. It is the purest part of you. Activate your inner voice by asking:

* What does my heart long for?

* What’s truly important to me?

* What dreams have I given up on?

* What am I truly passionate about?


Step 3 – Journal your responses

Once you’ve taken yourself away from the space of solitude and serenity, write down your responses to the questions in the second step.


Step 4 – Repeat the process Give yourself five days to repeat the process. Remember to do the above-mentioned steps exactly as they are outlined. Do not deviate from the process.


Step 5 – Pay attention to common themes

As you journal your responses, you’ll find common themes and glaring interests – some you may have forgotten.


Step 6 – Create a vision statement

Review your journal of five entries and create a vision statement. Your vision statement is a compilation of your journal in one or two lines. Within the vision statement is also your purpose. You’ll notice it as you read it over and over.

After you’ve created your vision statement, read it, post it and keep it forever in your mind. It is at that time that you’ll begin to create your goals.

Tips for setting goals: Set goals that push you out of your comfort zone, establish a plan of action, create a timeline and have fun until you reach it.

Forget doing things the same insane way, let’s change life up a bit, shall we? Vision trumps a goal.


Lisa Thomas is the CEO of The P3 Group, Inc. and The P3 Group International, LLC, publisher of The P3 Power Boost Online Magazine, host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show, and President of the Board of Directors of NetWorth. She is a 20-year veteran in business, executive leadership and performance coaching/consulting. She has worked extensive with corporate call centers, executives and small business enterprises. She’s been a featured columnist and business strategist on Affiliate NPR, WFDD, The Cary News, Fox 8 and numerous NBC affiliate stations.

Lisa is best known for her business and leadership acumen and is widely recognized her ability to develop leaders to be more effective. Lisa is also a sought after keynote speaker on various topics women in leadership face. She generously donates her time and expertise to a number of organizations and worthy causes, including NetWorth, the Business Succession Forum Network, and the Hazel B. Neal Foundation, for which she recently was recognized with the woman of Power, Purpose and Vision award. In her downtime, she can be found practicing yoga, cycling, swimming, reading a good book or spending time with family and friends.

Lisa Thomas
CEO/Sr. Business Strategist
The P3 Group, Inc.


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