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I hope this year brings you a year of healthy, spiritual, emotional and financial prosperity!!!

Below is an article to support you in creating a healthy new beginning. Enjoy!

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The new year has come back around and we are back in the mode of creating new year’s resolutions.

Have you made all of yours yet?

Funny about New Year’s resolution, we’ve heard people talk about them and even begin to take action but in less than three months and some cases one month, the resolutions are a distant thing of the past.

So how do you stay the course of a new year’s resolution?  First let’s just be clear about what one is. According to Wikipedia, A New Years resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit.

It mentions a commitment that one makes.  Are we committed when we make the resolutions? I’d say when we set the resolution, we have good intentions but are we committed? Some people would say, yes with conviction, while others might say, not really, it sounded like a good idea at the time when the new year came around. For those who are committed, why do they sometimes fail?

If we don’t hold ourselves accountable, or have a solid foundation for “why” we created the resolution in the first place, we might set ourselves up to fail. For example, you might say you want to lose weight but you only set that as a new year’s resolution because you can’t fit into your jeans. So you start going to the gym daily, seemingly excited about it. Then, it’s gets harder and harder to go, so you tell yourself you’ll go weekly and cut down on your food intake. You do that for a couple of days, but then you have to prepare the right kind of food, so you say you’ll eat smaller portions instead and go monthly. Then you find that  you really don’t have anyone aiding in your quest to eat smaller portions or hold you accountable to once a month. Now, it’s three months later, you haven’t lost a pound and you’re back to the way things were before…

Now this may not be your story exactly but we’ve all have some version of seemingly justified reasons why we don’t keep our word to ourselves.

It’s so easy to get off track with a goal that hasn’t been given in depth thought and planning. Another major component that steers one off track is not doing the work to bring closure to the previous year so a new resolution or beginning, as I like to call it, can begin

See segment and article here about how to bring closure to your year: How to bring closure to the year end with Power, Passion and Purpose!

So I advocate a new beginning – and from the closure exercise the fresh start began when you took on acknowledging your accomplishments and what you didn’t accomplish along with obstacles and challenges that prevented you from achieving them in the previous year.

When I think of the new year, I think of reading the last chapter of a really good book, closing it and starting a new one. The new book is a fresh story, a new plot and with new characters.

Your life is to be the same when finishing out the previous year. You create a new story of life; a new beginning for your success.

So how do you start the new beginning?

The question alone is enough to give you pause. You must ask yourself some pretty simple questions however simple as they are, the key is authentic truth when you answer.

Let’s take a look at these critical questions:

What do I really want? This question is to be thought of with some depth. When you answer, think purely from “your” perspective. And don’t just say, I wanna lose weight, but rather include why you want that and what it will provide for you and your lifestyle if you lose weight.

 What are my happiest moments in life? This too is yet another question that should give you pause. You probably know what makes you happiest; however go deeper and ask yourself; what moments in life have you feel that happiness?  Those moments will reveal information critical to your new beginning.

Where is my heart pulling me? This question will bring you to know more about your passion for living. When you think of that which calls to you, what is that? What are you drawn to most? You must answer without reservation.

In what direction do I know within my soul am I being led or pulled? The answer that lies within this question will propel you forward to be driven to succeed. Typically when you set a new year’s resolution, you might not give this any thought. You just want to lose weight because your jeans are too tight. If you know you’re being led to live a healthier lifestyle because of your passion for healthy living, and your desire to be an example for your kids, family and/or others , you might keep your commitment to do what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle.

So what is the bigger picture here: What sums up the answers to the questions? You’re going to discover a deeper meaning to life within the answers of these questions. The bigger picture or vision is the new beginning you’ll need to succeed.

If you’ve done the work properly, you’ll have a foundation to create  “goals” for the year. As  was mentioned earlier,  you may see that you’re being pulled to live a healthier lifestyle as an example for your kids, family and friends(answer in question 4). If that is the case, one goal might be to lose 15lbs and how you want to do it is through active dance classes because that’s when you are happiest(answer in question 2).

So, you’ll need to post the vision or new beginning  “to live a healthier lifestyle” on your desk, computer, bathroom mirror etc. And create a goals schedule to help you stay on track.

 So as you see when you create a vision, you create a foundation from which to operate throughout the year. Creating a vision or a new beginning is a lot more powerful than a resolution because vision is bigger than you are and used properly will hold you accountable to your goals and commitments.

An example here is when you don’t want to go dancing, you’ll revisit the vision “to live a healthier lifestyle” as a reminder to take actions accordingly. It’ll also serve as a reminder that you’re happiest when you dance and to do more of it..

These simple steps makes new BEGINNINGS  a whole lot more fun and easier to keep because you have a bigger cause from which to act and create your commitments….

So, yes, create a new beginning for 2012 not just a resolution and have fun with it. It’s your year, let’s have it be the best year yet, shall we?


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