Why didn’t someone tell me this was on the other side of womanhood?

Remember the first time you had your cycle? Your mom, auntie, girlfriend, cousin or someone else likely gave you just the right advice to guide you along, right? While it was new, you were not alone. But where were they when I met the late 40s and now 50?

If you’re in your late 40s to mid-50s, you may be experiencing personal summers… that dreaded gush of heat rises and ushers in beads of water that stream down your back while you wonder, “Is anyone else hot?”.

The echoes of “no” bounce off the walls and you’re in disbelief that no-one else feels the flames that burn your entire upper body!  Whatda’…?

Who could’ve warned you that this was coming? You’ve heard of menopause, but nobody ever warns you exactly what “you” might experience; the questions that come, the worry that you’re going crazy, the foggy thoughts, the concern that you no longer have interest in ANYTHING, and the exhaustion of anyone asking anything of you. At the same time, there’s curiosity in new things, things you never considered before. You’re wondering if you’re having that “mid-life crisis” you’ve heard about, and no-one, not a soul, prepared you for all of the internal questioning.

As I continue to embark on my journey of the wonder years of the 50s, I’m finding it’s not a mid-life crisis, it’s an opportunity! The shift has me looking forward to the questions and the answers. I find myself excited that I get to do life again, from a different perspective, from a place of experience, yet discovery.

I didn’t have the tribe of women in my 50s as I did when I met puberty in my teens, but once I opened my heart to something new, I found a step-by-step method to support the next phase in life. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

The Power, Purpose and Performance Program has led me to my blissful moment – where a new level of power and sexiness reside.

I love what I’m discovering, and I’m sharing it with you as it comes! Join other ladies who are embarking on their next phase together. We rise to a new day in our power as women and nothing will ever stop us now.

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Lisa Thomas is the CEO of The P3 Group, Inc. and The P3 Group International, LLC, publisher of The P3 Power Boost Online Magazine, host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show, and President of the Board of Directors of NetWorth. She is a 20-year veteran in business, executive leadership and performance coaching/consulting. She has worked extensive with corporate call centers, executives and small business enterprises. She’s been a featured columnist and business strategist on Affiliate NPR, WFDD, The Cary News, Fox 8 and numerous NBC affiliate stations.

Lisa is best known for her business and leadership acumen and is widely recognized her ability to develop leaders to be more effective. Lisa is also a sought after keynote speaker on various topics women in leadership face. She generously donates her time and expertise to a number of organizations and worthy causes, including NetWorth, the Business Succession Forum Network, and the Hazel B. Neal Foundation, for which she recently was recognized with the woman of Power, Purpose and Vision award. In her downtime, she can be found practicing yoga, cycling, swimming, reading a good book or spending time with family and friends.

Lisa Thomas
CEO/Sr. Business Strategist
The P3 Group, Inc.

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