By Lisa Thomas,

Hurry up already, What’s taking so long?!?

When I’m standing in a room full of professional  and businesswomen speaking on this subject, I often say, ” You know….. “Patience” … fellow leaders,      really is a virtue!!!”

Read on!

I’d gotten a live pot of tulips for mother’s day last year and they were gorgeous.  Because I love plants and seeing their growth, I was excited that I would have a chance to experience tulips for a bit longer than just this one time.  So I watched them grow taller and taller week by week.

One day I decided it was time to re- pot their beauty so they could grow even larger. Soon after being transferred the tulips slowly wilted and died…no more beautiful tulips!

But for me there was hope.

Having a green thumb, I thought no problem, I’ll just see what happens if I water the soil for a while. Surely, tulips will reappear. Now, I knew nothing about tulips, but I did know that if I water a soiled seed; in this case a bulb, something would soon grow.

So I began watering the soil as I did my other plants, watching every month or so to see if something would reappear. I’d longed to see the multicolored tulips like before, but after several months, I saw nothing.  In fact, one day it looked like the dirt was turning a moldy gray color.

Would I ever see the tulips?

I began to worry after about 7 months. Had I killed it by moving and disturbing the soil too soon? Had I over watered it? I was plagued with thoughts of how I must’ve done something wrong!

I should’ve seen something by now.  My other plants had grown so much since this one entered the family.  But despite my worries, I chalked it all up and still watered the soil.

Another month passed and nothing.  Frustration had now begun to set in. I mean all this work and no tulips, just moldy dirt. I couldn’t take it anymore,  I finally went to the store and bought a small tiny plant that I admired and place it on top of the soil. I had to have something to deal with my mind about this watered soil not producing my beautiful flowers when “I” had expected.

Sometimes we’re like that about other things in life, right?  We get impatient with others and  around us because we don’t see the results we’ve been longing for “when” we want them.  In fact, sometimes we stop dead in our tracks, because we’re working hard or  we think and there’s no harvest that we can physically see.  Sometimes, if it doesn’t come fast enough  we quit. Little do we know the harvest is about to take shape. It is germinating, finding its way to the universe; the physical world for all to see.  Rather than wait, we “kill it” right there at that critical point when things are about to break through.

I deliberately put the small plant on top of the soil I’d been watering to trick and train my mind into thinking my works were not in vain.

After a month of training my brain, I removed the small plant and there I saw something peek through the soil. It was the beginning of life; it had forced its way to the surface.

It took 9 months of constant watering, nurturing and caring for the soil to see something come through – 9 months!!!!…Sort of like birth. It takes 9 months to birth a child. The baby is conceived which we cannot physically see but the process and system of creating life is happening. It’s happening “inside the mother” so life can emerge fully equipped for the world after the 9-month period has passed.

How many times have you started to venture into something new and just before things pop, you get mad and quit?

Many of my clients who are successful businesswomen and executives find themselves in this predicament. There’s something they want to achieve but have never done and they want it so bad they can taste it. The problem lies in wanting it right now or on their time line. But sometimes a big harvest doesn’t come right away.

The system and time line for growth is an unknown factor, yet they operate as if they know how long it takes.

Most of the time, we under estimate the manifestation time line and we lose faith in our abilities to produce. Small milestones are necessary to trick the brain into “knowing” you can and will produce.  Les Brown once said, “We don’t know our potential because we aim too low and make it rather than aim too high and miss”. I believe you should and can aim high, however set milestones that help you see the results.  Let’s face it, the world wants results and so do you. Set yourself up to win.

I didn’t know a lot about tulips, but I knew that a watered seed in the right soil that’s cared for in a systematic way would produce a harvest. I also knew that depending on the plant, the time line could be a month or several months to come into physical existence.

If you ever find yourself wanting to give up and give in, wait a while and stay the course. Nurture your soul as I did by training your brain there are results being produced.  Give yourself a break and acknowledge that things are just delayed by your time line but not by the time line of growth.  After all, with a big goal, you aren’t always certain how long it really takes anyway, but you do know consistency produces. Enjoy the journey and watch the riches of life manifest!!!

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