I’m reading the book “Great By Choice” and learning how companies like Apple remain great and the values they’ve adopted to do so.  There’s a common theme of being “prepared”.

While the book doesn’t cover in depth the value of understanding financials, according to businessmen like Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank, a healthy relationship to financials is part of the winning formula for women.  From profit and loss statements, to lifetime value of the client, to break-even analysis – knowing all of this financial information truly positions you to lead the pack. So, the preparation for success for any woman is to be armed with financial brilliance.

At The P3 Group, we highlight and emphasize these nuggets that lead to stellar leverage when negotiating or being at the helm of a major corporation.

But what happens when you’ve equipped your toolbox with the numbers, you understand them, yet you freeze in the very moment that matters? You’re a woman standing in a room full of men that dominate your industry and your voice all of sudden goes silent.  You freeze in fear that you may not quite get it right.

  • What will resonate with them most?
  • Do I sound smart enough?
  • What if I forget a part that matters?
  • What if my skirt is too high?
  • Is the lipstick too bright?
  • Should I project here? Or remain monotone?
  • How do I speak to the guy on the left to get his buy in?


A multitude of questions evade your space and fear comes over you like a bad winter storm.

Before finding yourself in this peculiar position of dealing with mind chatter, preparation is key (as noted in Great By Choice). Preparation, coupled with knowing how your role impacts the bottom line, is paramount. However, the outcome also lies in your delivery – your ability to convey the message in a way that lands you right into the elite group of high ranking executives.

The jewels that continue to set you apart are often hidden from your view. Most are not in the forefront to consider examining and are not as obvious as knowing the numbers.

Worthiness – Know who you are and who you are not. Your willingness to embrace and accept all of it; your good parts, your not-so-good parts and everything in between; knowing you deserve the outcome.

Courage – Forging ahead and taking the dive, confident that you’ve prepared and when you least expect it, you’ll swim like you’ve never swam before; bringing your very best.

Ownership – As you wear your worthiness and courage, you’ll also own it all.  What you bring fills the gap of what’s missing and what’s needed. Without you, it fails. OWN IT.

Your worth, courage, owning the solution and preparation has you in a unique and powerful position.

You can ASK for whatever you want:  a raise, a promotion, the increased budget – whatever you desire. Go get it girls, the world is waiting!


Lisa Thomas is the CEO of The P3 Group, Inc. and The P3 Group International, LLC, publisher of The P3 Power Boost Online Magazine, host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show, and President of the Board of Directors of NetWorth. She is a 20-year veteran in business, executive leadership and performance coaching/consulting. She has worked extensive with corporate call centers, executives and small business enterprises. She’s been a featured columnist and business strategist on Affiliate NPR, WFDD, The Cary News, Fox 8 and numerous NBC affiliate stations.

Lisa is best known for her business and leadership acumen and is widely recognized her ability to develop leaders to be more effective. Lisa is also a sought after keynote speaker on various topics women in leadership face. She generously donates her time and expertise to a number of organizations and worthy causes, including NetWorth, the Business Succession Forum Network, and the Hazel B. Neal Foundation, for which she recently was recognized with the woman of Power, Purpose and Vision award. In her downtime, she can be found practicing yoga, cycling, swimming, reading a good book or spending time with family and friends.

Lisa Thomas
CEO/Sr. Business Strategist
The P3 Group, Inc.

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