A moment of power:

Recently I shared with a good friend the wave of peace, freedom and excitement I’ve been experiencing lately.  I was so excited to share the peaceful feelings and the opportunities coming our way.

And before I could share it she responds with “Are you settling?” “I mean if you are, it’s okay!”…

Uh? The question took me by surprise!!! But unmoved by her statement,  I responded, “Yes, I’m settling into who I am, loving who I am and accepting who I’m not – life is like a new breath of fresh air”…..And as Jennifer Hudson says, “and I’m feeeellllinn gooooood!”

I later discovered she is feeling the experience of settling.  She’s frustrated and disappointed in how life has been unfolding for her lately. I suspected that when she asked me about my behavior while  sharing a wondering experience.…

How often do people subtly project their experience on you?….How quickly do you “respond” in defense to justify your position? Responding in defense is one way to communicate, but why expend that energy on someone who is projecting something on you that is not yours to carry? The only thing that’s important is your vision,  purpose and intention.

After all what they are dealing with is none of your business – Only “your” experience is your business!

Let’s all settle into our greatness, fall in love with the journey of life and let others carry their own bags, shall we?

Lisa Thomas
Life, Leadership, Business and Success  Coach