After a long hot fun summer of vacations, barbecues, family reunions, and kid activities, it’s time to get back on track with your goals, aspirations and maybe even New Year’s Resolutions. Well, if you remember the New Year’s Resolutions.

For me summer brings such a laid back kind of experience as it relates to goals.There are so many other opportunities to engage in.  You’re attending the family barbecue, vacations, the summer activities for kids and everything else. Who has time to focus on goals, right?

Because of what I do, my goals are never too far from thought, however I’m being pulled in by all of the other activities going on.

So, I find myself reaching in my past trying to get back in gear to make some things happen. I’ve discovered a few steps that put me back in the driver’s seat of life and on to accomplishing greater things.

The First Step is Ownership:

A.    Take Responsibility for taking yourself off track. There’s nothing like owning that you were the one to take yourself out of the goal game. Ownership of it will begin the cycle of putting you back in the driver’s seat.

B.    A critical step in ownership is acknowledging what you didn’t accomplish and what you did. This process gives you an eye opening experience of what you have done without even realizing it. You may find that you are on track in some regards. It also reflects back to you what you need to put in your plan going forward.

C.    Celebrate the lessons learned. Have a party celebrating that you’ve learned some unexpected lessons and document them.   These lessons will come in handy in the future.

The key is being able to identify the lessons. Most of the time those are in our blind spot and we miss the lesson. If you are uncertain of the lessons you should’ve learned and/or you’re totally off track struggling to get back on track with your goals..Click Here

The Second Step is Reset Your Clock; your mind, body and spirit clock.

If you’ve created a big vision, goal or resolution and you find it difficult to get back on track then reset your mind, body spirit so that you have a new fresh start to operate inside of.

A.    Stop the noise and re-center. We have twitter, linked in, facebook, the news, the internet, movies and games to keep us from being still long enough to focus on what’s important. Take time away from these enticing mediums for a couple of days to cleanse your mind and spirit. This helps to re-center yourself on your goals.

B.    Send a notice to your brain and “Cancel” all self imposing thoughts. This means you will literally and deliberately stop all negative limited thinking. Issue a cancellation to your brain by saying STOP or CANCEL to any negative thoughts that might creep up during the day.  This notice forces you to acknowledge the self imposing thoughts as they are – “self imposed” thoughts rather than truth.

C.    Cleanse even your body.  After enjoying a summer full of hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecues and vacation bliss, eliminate all foods that do not foster energy, good health and vibrant living to cleanse your physical body. This begins the reset process to operate at an optimum level of success.

D.    Purge the waste. Many of my clients say, “but Lisa I did all of those other things now, what?” The next step is PURGE and RELEASE and purge and release some more. Find a confidant that will not judge you, ridicule you or analyze you, but rather honor and lift you up.

Purge by sharing our disappointments, regrets and failures to accomplish your goals with this confidant. Allowing yourself to purge will free your mind of all the clutter and begin to offer a open canvas in which to paint your goals.

E.     Revisit your vision – Take a look at your vision, goals and resolutions again for a reminder of what you wanted in the first place. Re read them and repeat, “I am worthy of these goals fulfilled.”

Vision is critical. In fact, it is the most critical! If vision is missing or non-existent, you will spend time haphazardly hoping for achievement of some level of success and happiness.  I’ll guide you to a solid vision and plan for accomplishment. Simply click here

The Third Step is Get Back on Track and Keep it Moving!

A.     Refine your plan. Take a look at your plan and refine, tweak and change it if need be. Sometimes a slight tweak makes your plan easier to execute and implement.

B.    Redefine goals. Some questions to ask yourself in redefining your goals are: Will these goals fulfill my vision. Have I already accomplished some of the goals? What other goals will expedite and or influence the fulfillment of your vision.

C.    Keep it Moving. Action causes results. Implement the plan, get going and keep it moving.

A defined plan of action is necessary for success. No great achiever achieved success without vision, strategy and a plan. If you’ve struggled with creating a winning plan, CLICK HERE.

These three steps will get you back on track in any situation. Give them a try and remember “the power lives within you and it’s always been there” to have what you want, desire and need.

Let me help you get back on track and make the best of the last quarter of 2012.

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