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Lisa Thomas, President and CEO – P3 Success, Leadership and Business Coach, Sr. Facilitator and Speaker

As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Inc, founder of The P3 Connection, Inc., and host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show, Lisa Thomas brings over twenty years experience in relationship, business and individual life coaching.

Her career has been devoted to her vision that every woman, with the right tools, can live a life of power, passion and dreams come true. 

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Karyn Beach
Karyn Beach – P3 Success Coach
Karyn Beach comes to The P3 Power Boost with a diverse and varied background. With a degree in journalism from Ohio University and several years of experience as a radio news producer, she loves educating and informing her audience be it through radio, television, public speaking or writing. She firmly believes that information is power.After leaving radio, Karyn shifted gears and pursued a career in training and development. She explained, it’s not as big a leap as people think. In journalism, the goal is to communicate often complex stories and information in a way that is easy to understand while still being interesting and compelling. Training is very much the same. As a trainer, I broke down complex topics in ways that people could understand and apply.
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
 – P3 Executive Leadership Coach  
Cynthia Johnson has over twenty five years of general management and consulting experience across various industries.She has a broad range of business acumen with expertise in human resources, marketing, and sales, which she developed over years of managing the P&L for some of the top 10 national apparel brands and working with senior leaders as the strategic HR partner to drive organizational strategy and design.

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