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Lisa Thomas, President and CEO – P3 Business and Life Coach , Sr. Facilitator and Teacher

Picture of Lisa Thomas As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Inc, founder of The P3 Connection, Inc, publisher of The P3 Power Boost Online Magazine and host of The P3 Power Boost Radio Show, Lisa Thomas brings over twenty years experience in relationship, business and individual life coaching. Her career has been devoted to her vision that every woman, with the right tools, can live a life of power, passion and dreams come true. More on Lisa Thomas

J anet Hendley – P3 Life Coach and Teacher

Picture of Janet Hendley Janet Hendley brings a wealth of knowledge and power in the area of coaching on personal matters of the heart.

Her Vision is Everyone lives a life of fun, freedom and vitality.

She is wonderful spirited, caring, dynamic powerful coach! She will honor you in ways that you can’t imagine yet give you straight results oriented coaching to change your view on life.
Janet Hendley has worked with the P3 Group since 2004. Janet has over 500 hours of training and experience as a life coach.

Diannia Baty – P3 Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher

Picture of Diannia Baty Diannia is a published writer, author, artist, spiritual development teacher, transformational public speaker and spiritual life coach.

Her Vision is to build a bridge of truth and personal empowerment for all women!

She is currently featured in an anthology book entitled Remarkable Women of Faith with notables like Ann Jillian and Jennifer O’Neil. She has also produced two teaching Cd’s followed by guided meditations that are very powerful as she gently takes you through an incredible process of release and transformation.

Karyn Beach, Editor in Chief – P3 Success Coach

Karyn Beach Karyn Beach comes to The P3 Power Boost with a diverse and varied background. With a degree in journalism from Ohio University and several years of experience as a radio news producer, she loves educating and informing her audience be it through radio, television, public speaking or writing. She firmly believes that information is power.

After leaving radio, Karyn shifted gears and pursued a career in training and development. She explained, “It’s not as big a leap as people think. In journalism, the goal is to communicate often complex stories and information in a way that is easy to understand while still being interesting and compelling. Training is very much the same. As a trainer, I broke down complex topics in ways that people could understand and apply.”

Deb Peterson – P3 Personal Cash Flow Coach and Speaker

Picture of Deb Peterson Debbie’s background in project management and strategic planning, as well as her expertise in cash flow management, greatly enhances clients’ potential for financial success. Debbie pioneered the concept of Cash Flow Management as a critical (and missing piece) of traditional financial planning. Her 18 years of experience as the senior manager of Trust Operations and Technology with a major bank in upstate NY provide a unique perspective for our clients in how banks use velocity of money concepts to increase profits and why these same principals will work for individuals.

Melinda Smith – P3 Certified Professional Organizing Coach

Melinda Smith Beach Melinda’s vision and mission is to empower and educate individuals who are ready to transform an environment and life based on focus, intention, and balance .

Melinda works with individuals, businesses, and organizations that are looking to increase productivity, do more with less, and reduce stress. When clutter starts to accumulate in an environment, imbalance in our personal, professional and social lives always follows.

Gina Boulton – P3 Executive Coach

Gina brings over 20 years of experience in the corporate arena. Serving as vice-president and being responsible for outsourcing of inbound and outbound programs to third party vendors and for achieving $26 million in annual cost savings, Gina brings a wealth of knowledge to those seeking coaching as an executive. Gina managed relationship and ongoing performance of six Teleservices vendors with over 3,000 dedicated Teleservices Representatives and combined annual contract value of over $100 million.

She has provided leadership to staff of 30 vendor management professionals responsible for vendor selection, program implementation and ongoing performance measurement and management.

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